INNER cutting fluid

INNER cutting fluid
Product performance advantage
The rape oil be used as the base oil
The rape oil is used as the base oil, then product unique squeeze agent, anti-scuff agent, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant through complex process. These unique base preparation made INNER cutting fluid to show excellent lubricity,cleaning, abrasion resistance, extruded resistance, strong energy of load and antiblastic eviroment.

Long life, no smell, not go bad
INNER Synthetic resin type cutting fluid have excellent lubricity, cooling performance, rust resistance, cleaning performance, antiblastic performance, oil performance, floating oil slick pollution and sedimentation of iron. INNER Synthetic resin type cutting fluid will not smell and turn bad even after 1-3years continued usage. The fluid will keep constant unique advandage during processing. So it can reduce the cost, improve the efficiency, solve the problem of industrial waste water, waste liquid discharge and evironment, reduce the labourr intensity, At last, it is greatly reduced the cost of process and dicharge.

Evironmental, Low emissions, maintenance-free
It is based on edible rape oil. So, the synthetic cutting fluid has less polution, good bio-degradation, a low fee of liquid waste disposal. The grease and dirt can swim on the surface of the fluid, iron filings can settle under the fluid, and it also has good persistent bactericidal action. For all these reasons ,the fluid can self-regenerated and the maintenance free. No matter what concentration is, the PH is steady. When use it, you just need to add, no discharge or little discharge. Even when need to discharge, it’s very easy and discharge once every one to three years.
Lubricating property
Under the conditions of light cutting, oiliness agent of the YINGNAER cutting fluid easily format physical adsorption film in the cutting interface, physical adsorption film can reduce friction effect, and improve lubrication performance of the cutting fluid significantly;
Under the conditions of heavy load cutting, the lubricant and the antiwear agent enhance its wear resistance and extrusion resistance coordinately ,in the cutting interface a high strength chemical reaction film which could not be destroyed in the conditions of high temperature ,high pressure and intense friction is formed to play a good extreme pressure lubrication .
At this moment the lubrication is in boundary lubrication ,and it can reduce the friction of rake face and cutting face ,the flank face and the workpiece, and prevent the adsorption of tool and cutting, tool and workpiece ,and also reduce the cutting heat, power consumption and tool wear , To solve the problem of general cutting fluid can not really solve the ordinary cooling and smooth tool . It improve the service life of cutting tools and improve the surface finishing of workpiece .
Rust resistance
For long term multifunction antirust and anticeptic additives and it’s unique corrosion inhibitor, INNER cutting liquid meet the demand of rust resistace and corrosion resistant. In the coastal or south damp region, the workpiece which was processed by cutting liquid rust resistance period can last 8—15 days between process. No need to paint antirust oil.
Sentific ratio and anvanced technology supply good fatigue resistance, high stability and cleaning performance for INNER cutting liquid. Slove the problem of crust, agglomeration, plugging deferent duct and filter in workshop.
Bactericidal action
Efficient long-term bactericidal compound and Inner Cardinal added a unique foundation preparation, make the product at the same time high efficiency, long-lasting kill and inhibit bacteria, mold, use the process without additional fungicide, so that the working fluid continuous use 3 years is not smelly, not go bad, just add a wife according to consumption than the concentration (typically 5-10%) of the working fluid.
Oil slick floating sewage, Shen iron
Ukrainian military technology to make our products with excellent oil slick floating sewage, the effect of Shen iron (powder), so that the working fluid in continuous use oil floating to the surface, iron filings (powder), the sludge sink to the bottom of the tank.As long as spill, Paixie facilities are in place to maintain in place, combined with the working fluid self-regenerating function, so that the cycle working fluid is always clean, clear, does not affect the observation of the process on the workpiece finish, dirt and hard to avoid the cutting fluidThe particles re-contamination and to scratch the surface.
Innerl cutting fluid does not contain organic sulfur, chlorine, phenol and nitrite operating officer of harmful substances, the operation of the workers will not have any adverse stimulus, nor contamination of the operating environment.

Certification:ROHS & REACH

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INNER AO Series environmentally friendly anti-rust oil

INNER AO Series environmentally friendly anti-rust oil
———-the world most environmentally friendly anti-rust oil
Product performance advantages
1.Super rust Rust index is more than three times than the international standard value.
2.Tasteless in ocean shipping especially for the maritime transport of the antirust good,and there is no peculiar after a long period maritime transport.
3.Certification Passed the ROHS of the most stringent EU environmental certification and the REACH, it can be exported to any country.
The feature of all models of anti-rust oil
model advantages Suitable for Rust period
INNER AO701 1.Ultra-long-term anti-rust oil,Film uniformity, no sag;
2.Protective high-performance, strong ablity of acid, alkali, salt spray, humidity and atmospheric corrosion;
3.Peculiar smell after a long period maritime transport. Mainly suitable for the metal’s storage and transportation,especially for the long period maritime transport. Sealed indoor more than two years,unsealed outdoor more than half a year.
INNER AO702 1.Thin layer of rust-proof oil, thin film, easy to clean, easy to use,pretty coating appearance;
2.Protective high-performance, strong ablity of acid, alkali, salt spray, humidity and atmospheric corrosion.
3.Peculiar smell after a long period maritime transport. Mainly suitable for the metal’s storage and transportation,especially for the long period maritime transport. Sealed indoor more than 18 months.
INNER AO703 1.Super thin layer of rust-proof oil, very thin film, seemingly without oil, but it can play the excellent anti-rust;
2.Pretty coating appearance, can significantly improve the product grade of sealed packaging;
3.Only one-third of the traditional oil in the same effect. Suitable for the processing and short-term sealed storage. Sealed period for more than 8 months.
INNER F20-1 1.Good anti-rust, long period anti-rust , low cost of the usage, less fuel consumption;
2.Has some replacement of the sweat;
3.Thin film, transparent, beautiful, easy to clean, easy to break the seal, easy to use. Suitable for the long-term storage black anti-rust of auto parts, machine tool accessories, hardware tools, standard parts, knitting and other metal products industry,also suitable for a short-term and processing anti-rust. Sealed for more than 2 years.
1.inner anti-rust oil is not only for the production process of conventional anti-rust oil use, but also the first choice for shipping of the product..
2.Inner anti-rust oil can be classified with ultra-long-term anti-rust oil, thin layer anti-rust oil and utra-thin layer anti-rust oil.
Quality standards
SH/T 0692-2000
According to the workpiece size and shape, take variety of different methods of oiling (such as brushing, dipping, machine spraying, electrostatic spraying, etc.),uniform oil coating to increase corrosion protection, can be used throughout the year directly.
Weight and packaging
INNER AO701、702、F20-1: 18Kg Plastic bucket ,180Kg Drum
INNER AO703:17Kg Plastic bucket ,170Kg Drum
Sealed and stored in a dry,clean, well ventilated warehouses.
Physical and chemical indicators of all kinds of anti-rust oil
Item Quality indicators Test methods
AO 701 AO 702 AO 703 F20-1
appearance Tea-red,
semi-fluid Tea-red, oily-liquid Tea-red,watery-liquid Tea-red, oily-liquid Visual
The stability of oil-based oily liquid,without impurities, stratification, sedimentation, no odor Visual
Usage temperature room temperature –
Density 0.9 0.9 0.89 0.89 –
burning point(℃) 276 246 215 185 GB/T 3536
Flash Point(℃) 260 240 210 >150 GB/T 3536
Pour point(℃) -10 -20 -30 -10 GB/T 3535
Corrosion (mass change), mg/cm2 Steel±0.2 brass±0.2 zinc±0.2 lead±1.0 aluminum±0.2 Magnesium±0.2
Cadmium±0.2 SH/T 0080
Damp heat test (A grade), h 720 720 720 720 GB/T 2361
Salt spray test (A grade), h
This product / standard value 230/72 160/48 120/48 >168/48 SH/T 0081

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The process of surface superfinishing treatment machine

Firstly,make the workpiece basic processed in the general purpose lathes with general cutter,then,use tbe metal surface finishing cutter again,just one time process,the surface roughness will reach less than Ra0.2 easily,it just like iron the clothes,and creat hiting stress on the surface at the same time,the mico hardness will be improved more than 20%,the wear resisitance will be improved greatly and the life will be improved 5 ~10 times.

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The brief description of surface finishing machine


The brief description of this item as follows:
1. It can get surface roughness below Ra0.2 easily.
2 It suitable for different shape,like external,internal,Cross section,Curved surface, sphere,ect.
3.It suitable for all kinds of metials,like carbon steel, aluminum alloy,copper,ect.
4.It can be used in all kinds of machine tools,like lathes,grinding machine,boring machine,milling machine,planning machine,spherical lathe and CNC machine tools,ect, just only change the cutter.
5.One time is ok,save time greatly.
6. Components:cutter,control-box and cable.
7.Easy to operate.

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The brief advatanges of hawking superfinishing machine


The brief advatanges of hawking superfinishing machine

1. It can get surface roughness below R0.2 easily.
2 It suitable for different shape,like screw rod,external,internal,Cross section,Curved surface, sphere,ect.
3.It suitable for all kinds of metials,like carbon steel, aluminum alloy,copper,ect.
4.It can be used in all kinds of machine tools,like lathes,grinding machine,boring machine,milling machine,planning machine,spherical lathe and CNC machine tools,ect, just only change the cutter.
5.One time is ok,save time greatly.
6. Components:cutter,control-box and cable.
7.Easy to operate.

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Hardware exports steady warming trend is clearly

Hardware exports show a steady warming of the situation, mainly in the following four factors:
Export structure was further optimized, high-tech exports increased significantly
The gripping series of tools such as wire cutting shears, bolt cutter, saw frame, mechanics tools, telecommunication tools, household composition tools group set series, steel tape measure, level meter and other measuring series and socket wrench, impact and other fastening products approved based hi-tech, high value-added exports to gradually replace the original low value-added goods such as hardware and tools, including cutting and clamping products set the largest share.
Progress in export diversification strategy
Dealers in the consolidation of the existing Southeast Asia, America and other traditional markets, and actively adjust the product structure management, purchase and sale between subject and object model changes, efforts to develop Africa, Europe and other new markets.

Hardware exports growing strength of the business

Big business, farmers export credit management go hand in hand, both the hardware tool exports rose far more than ordinary households.
Homegrown create his own brand of processing trade has grown rapidly.

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Huawin products exported for military production

Recently, Shandong Huayun’s range of products assembled in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, debugging is completed, and formally put into use. According to Huayun sales solutions manager, after a rigorous international tender, Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Huayun and Pakistan have a volume air system supply contracts signed by enterprises. It is reported that not only the province is China’s first dedicated to the export of military equipment to eliminate the production of stress.

The supply contract amount $ 280,000, shows that our proprietary products to eliminate stress successfully into the international market, the contract contains the product of “Hawk can eliminate stress welding system”, “VSR eliminate the stress system” and “Haoke metal surface processing system.” In recent years, as the industry leader, to eliminate residual stress Electric Co., Ltd. Shandong Huayun brand strategy to tap the international market, the introduction and assimilation of Ukraine on the basis of military technology companies focus on improving R & D capabilities, manufacturing technology and product quality improve and establish a high reputation in the market.

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VSR compared with the outstanding advantages of thermal aging

VSR technology, foreign called “Vibrating Stress Relief” (referred to as VSR), designed by a dedicated VSR equipment, so that the workpiece is processed resonance, and in this way a certain resonance energy transfer to the vibration of the workpiece All parts of the workpiece within the micro-plastic deformation occurred – the gradual recovery of the lattice is distorted equilibrium. Dislocation slip and re-pinning, and thus the residual stress within the workpiece can be overcome and are, eventually, to prevent the workpiece in the processing and use of deformation and cracking, to ensure the stability of the workpiece dimensional accuracy.
In recent years, VSR to less investment, effective, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, unstoppable, has been gradually replaced by heat aging.
VSR heat aging compared with conventional technology, has the following advantages:
1 VSR less investment
Compared with the thermal aging, aging VSR without huge furnace can save floor space and expensive equipment investment;
Thermal aging, less if the workpiece is not worthy of the open furnace, Shi does not fit the workpiece is too large heaters. And furnace temperature uniformity is difficult to eliminate the stress effect
Difference. VSR is used to avoid these problems.
2 VSR aging effect
A lot of research and practical applications show that the limitation of the workpiece VSR better than burning coal, heavy oil or gas heat aging furnace, and basic and electricity
Similar effect of aging furnace, because VSR not only overcome the uneven heat aging furnace to eliminate the stress caused by uneven the problem, and avoid
Workpiece due to heat and reduce the impact of its resistance to deformation, it is generally handled by the VSR parts than the average thermal aging of the size of the workpiece
Stability can be increased by 30% or more.
3 VSR flexibility
VSR from the use of space technology, workpiece size, shape, weight and other conditions, because only a few dozen kilograms of VSR equipment,
Therefore, a large piece of land may be aging. At the same time can be arranged according to process requirements of different manufacturing processes in the workpiece between the aging process.
4 VSR solve the thermal aging furnace problem of environmental pollution
With the increasing demand on the environment, heat aging furnace flue gas, dust, slag, the problem has been restricted, VSR is completely avoided,
This is also the country has been VSR technology is to promote the cause.
5 VSR significant energy saving
VSR processing cycle down a few degrees only electricity, heat aging compared with its base in more than 95% energy saving.
6 VSR efficiency
Subject to natural aging six months to one year, more than a dozen thermal aging also needs to dozens of hours of a cycle, and only ten minutes to VSR
One hour to complete.
7 VSR not particularly suitable for high-temperature aging of materials and components to eliminate the stress treatment.
Such as stainless steel parts, non-ferrous metal parts, mechanical parts after repair welding, etc.

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Hawking’s advantage of welding stress relieving equipment


1. Hawking residual stress relief equipment is the most complete elimination of residual stress and stress produce the ideal way of limitation, other limitation methods to eliminate the residual stress as follows:
 (1)30 ~ 60% of the VSR
 (2) thermally aged 35 to 80%
 (3) Haoke time 80 ~ 100%)

2. Haoke welding residual stress stress relief of welded structure for the elimination of residual stress, fatigue strength of welded joints can be increased by 50% -120%, and 5-100 times to extend the fatigue life of metal resistance in corrosive environments corrosion increased by about 400%. Can completely replace the aging heat treatment and other methods of VSR, process simple, stable and reliable, and simply want to deal with where the process is where can at any time, any process on, so you arbitrary, handy.

3. Haoke eliminate residual stress from the workpiece material, shape, structure, plate thickness, weight, site of the restrictions, especially in the field, the welding process and welding repair welding for the elimination of stress is more flexible and convenient.

4. Haoke eliminate stress treatment can also improve the fatigue properties of weld impact of several factors, such as:
 (1) residual stress
 (2) micro-cracks and defects
 (3) weld toe geometry
 (4) surface hardening,
 Which is to improve weld fatigue performance of the most effective way to have a multiplier effect.

5. Hawking can eliminate stress welding equipment in the elimination of seam weld toe stress concentration area, is the most convenient, most effective, and its far more than in the weld toe remelting arc welding (TIG) or grinding of method.

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Hawking is a good technology in the pre-stress the application of (3)

Currently the industry produces compressive stress in the process there are several methods, such as shot blasting, rolling, etc., shot compressive stress due to its small performance impact on the workpiece is not, at present only in some less demanding use of the workpiece . Objective that can have a greater rolling compressive stress, in some easy to wear shaft, ball workpiece applications, but too much pressure rolling, simply use the metal work hardening characteristics prone to micro-cracks , peeling and other defects, more importantly, it greatly reduces plastic material, enormous damage on the processing equipment, so the actual use of great limitations.

As the machinery industry, cutting-edge processing technology Haoke enhanced metal mirror finish (referred to as USM) technology, good enough to avoid the above process, the metal surface processing, enhanced surface pre-stress achieved good results ever . Its principle is to use metal at room temperature under cold plastic characteristics, the use of Hawk can no abrasive metal parts grinding surface, strengthen and small deformation processing, the surface of metal parts to achieve better surface roughness; the same time In parts of the surface compressive stress, improve part surface hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength and fatigue life.

Hawk is the only energy technology can improve the surface hardness, good pre-residual stress, not reduce the cold technology of plastic materials.
We are in the same material (40Cr) form two identical parts, a grinding, a Haoke surface finish, surface roughness has been considerable in the case of the two parts to the surface residual stress measurements.

High values ​​of residual compressive stress can significantly improve the fatigue performance of mechanical parts and wear resistance. Respectively 40Cr USM processing and polishing the surface of the specimen after treatment residual stress testing. Test equipment for the STRESS X3000 X-ray diffraction residual stress, the device itself using sinψ prepared to carry the results of residual stress analysis software.
Right in the test results show that: the workpiece by the polished surface of the specimen also had a certain value compression stress, but a smaller value of about 100 MPa, and the thickness is relatively small; and USM machining formed on the metal surface residual stress high compressive stress of up to 700-1000 MPa, the thickness was significantly increased a lot, which is why Haoke technology can greatly improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece causes the workpiece to obtain the mechanical properties greatly improved.

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