Hawking technology of eliminating welding stress

Promote the use of high-power impact tool Haoke (twenty thousand times per second the frequency) the impact of the metal surface, due to the high-frequency Haoke, efficient and focused under the great energy, making the metal objects have a greater surface of the plastic compression deformation; Haoke shock while changing the original stress field, resulting in compressive stress a certain value (currently, Hawk can eliminate stress welding equipment is the most complete elimination of residual stress, and produce); and to be able to strengthen the impact site. This is a stress relieving equipment, welding Haoke basic principles.
Hawk can eliminate stress welding equipment to improve fatigue properties of welded joints
Metal structure in the welding, the welding method commonly used by melting, the metal filling process, more than to stay high in the joints, pits, and a variety of weld undercut defects, causing serious stress concentration; also have some welding residual stress. In most cases, the residual tensile stress on the fatigue strength of welded structures is detrimental. Meanwhile, a large number of studies have shown that, in the weld toe area of ​​about 0.5mm from the surface of the slag at the general there, micro-cracks and other defects, the defects than the sharp, the equivalent of early fatigue crack initiation. In the stress concentration, weld toe defects and welding slag under the effect of residual tensile stress, the fatigue strength of welded joints and the fatigue life is severely reduced.
Hawk can eliminate stress welding equipment, welding joints increase fatigue strength and fatigue life
Haoke after welding tool to promote the impact of twenty thousand times per second the frequency along the direction of the impact of the weld seam weld toe area, making it a greater compression plastic deformation, so that the weld toe geometry produces smooth transition, thus greatly reducing the weld toe residual high, undercut pits and caused stress concentration; eliminates small weld toe cracks and slag surface defects, suppression of early initiation of crack; adjust the welding residual stress field, to eliminate the welding tensile stress in the vicinity of the weld toe and a certain number of residual compressive stress; while the weld toe area of ​​the material to be strengthened. So Haoke eliminate stress treatment can also improve the fatigue properties of weld affected several factors, such as: micro-cracks and slag defects, surface hardening, weld toe geometry, the residual should be so. Therefore, the Hawk can eliminate stress welding equipment can greatly improve the fatigue strength of welded joints and fatigue life!

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