Principle and Application of VSR

VSR process development
Method using a vibrating metal components to eliminate the residual stress techniques, in 1900 obtained a patent in the United States. However, long-time use of heat, coupled with the vibration to eliminate stress at the time the mechanism is not very clear, and high-speed motor has not yet caused the heavy equipment, adjust the inconvenience, so the technology has not been developed and applied.
Until the 1960s the energy crisis, the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and other countries only began to study the mechanism and application of VSR process. Since the 1970s, especially to the emergence of adjustable speed motor, vibration to eliminate stress to promote the device (VSR system) development: in 1973 the British made portable VSR system that VCM80, Martin Engineering Company and later the United States has developed a more advanced equipment LT-100R-based VSR system. France and Soviet Union were also produced PSV-and NB-based VSR system. The excitation of these more advanced devices, vibration to eliminate stress to promote the development and application of technology.
According to statistics, currently the world’s VSR system is being used about one million units. U.S. VSR process using more than 700 companies, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries are also widely used, have achieved significant economic benefits. Many countries have set the VSR must be used for some mechanical components of the standard process. Almost no company in the UK do not use the technology.
VSR equipment applications
Vibration treatment abroad relatively wide range of applications, the component types to be handled more. For example:
1. British company producing large precision machine tools, the column bed with required accuracy 0.01mm/2m. Thermal aging in the past to maintain its accuracy is poor, then switch to VSR, to meet the accuracy requirements, so now has the product VSR as the standard process.
2. UK production of aluminum alloy casting precision pump, the size of 275 × 300 × 150mm, but also with the VSR to ensure its accuracy.
3. U.S. PX engineering company, with the VSR to eliminate 8 tons of welded structure gears of internal stress, to reduce weld cracking.
4. U.S. Pont Land electronics specialist with the technology for 4 tons of forging blank. The company provides treatment forging three times the vibration:
(1) blank (2) after roughing (3) after finishing. Three treatment after forging to ensure stability.
5. Washington, United States Steel Corporation, the company produced 47 tons of heavy shears seat vibration treatment. Shears seat is 152mm to 203mm thick steel plate welded into, ribs 38mm to 76mm thick so large and heavy components only 40 minutes of vibration treatment on the past instead of the thermal aging.
6. Northwest Industries of America 2800 tons of heavy marine tower and 1280 tons of heavy drilling platform also used over vibration aging treatment.
7. British land use VSR wellhead platform, wellhead platform is 200mm diameter steel pipe welded into 6m × 6m × 2m tube frame.
8. British jet engine flame tube lining, due to the occurrence of post-weld heat expansion cracks, scrap rate of 30% or more, then the use of VSR process, scrap rate is almost zero.
9. UK production of all special machine bed is replaced with the VSR heat aging. More than 30 dozen Forging Machine Tool Plant and Equipment Factory is the VSR as a standard production process.
United States, Britain and other countries also in other industrial sectors using VSR Dali, such as Paper Machinery Factory, ships bearing plants, laser welding machine factory, gearbox factory, textile machinery, steel rolling plant, Printing Machinery, pump factory , oil equipment factory, power plant, boiler plant and so the application of VSR to eliminate the stress components.
Since 1975, the technology in China has been rapid development and promotion of the machine castings made great breakthrough.
Over the years, on the VSR fatigue life of welded components is the impact of domestic and foreign experts of great interest and debate focused. Some of our units to do a lot of research, concluded that the VSR on the mechanical properties of metallic materials have a greater impact, reasonable VSR process can improve the fatigue life of welded components. These conclusions for the VSR in the application of welded components on a theoretical foundation.
VSR process in the country by twenty years of research and application, many companies have some important basic component in the application of the VSR technology.
1. Harbin Electrical Machinery Plant manufacturing power plant equipment in a large generator base, cover, ring, turbine guide vanes.
2. China’s first manufacturing plant of heavy machine rolling devices welded structure, large-scale forging axis.
3. Dalian Machine Tool Factory production of combination welding machine bed casting parts and CD6140 lathe bed.
4. Ministry of Railways, Dalian Locomotive Works produced by Dongfeng 4D diesel locomotive bogie welding components, with the VSR improve fatigue life and the second after the engine body vibration rough time, to prevent the body in the use of fatigue cracks.
5. Anshan Iron and Steel Company in blast transformation, some of the aging process can not be a large metal structure, such as the furnace shell, care circles, arches, ladle turret and so on.
6. Major projects in the aerospace field in the welding of large metal structure with a vibration to eliminate stress.
7. Dalian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. products VSR single crystal furnace shell, stainless steel door by welding manufacturing, not heat aging, the use of VSR, which prevents deformation, but also improves the corrosion resistance.
8 letter of Technology, Dalian Co., Ltd. to help the Tang Beijing Shougang Iron and Steel Company a 5500 m3 blast furnace stove dome shell section and the vibration of high-temperature aging treatment to improve the blast furnace life.

Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Huayun Founded in 1993, is a sophisticated science and technology with international standards joint-stock company. Headquartered in national Hi-tech Development Zone – University of Science and Technology Park of Jinan High-tech Zone – the Wu (China – Ukraine) high-tech Cooperation Park, specializes in precision machining Haoke and residual stress field of technology research, product transformation and production promotion, to provide users with a revolutionary Haoke metal surface processing technology and the complete elimination of residual stress measurement and packaged solutions. Products include vibration aging equipment, Hawk can eliminate stress welding equipment, residual stress measurement equipment, Haoke metal surface processing equipment, cutting fluids, anti-rust oil and cleaning agents, has become the world’s longest line of the residual stress field manufacturer of professional studies. The Hawk can be the introduction of metal surface processing technology to make the surface of metal parts in China to improve the three processing levels, even in the general machine parts can also reach the surface of the mirror effect.

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