Hawking’s advantage of welding stress relieving equipment


1. Hawking residual stress relief equipment is the most complete elimination of residual stress and stress produce the ideal way of limitation, other limitation methods to eliminate the residual stress as follows:
 (1)30 ~ 60% of the VSR
 (2) thermally aged 35 to 80%
 (3) Haoke time 80 ~ 100%)

2. Haoke welding residual stress stress relief of welded structure for the elimination of residual stress, fatigue strength of welded joints can be increased by 50% -120%, and 5-100 times to extend the fatigue life of metal resistance in corrosive environments corrosion increased by about 400%. Can completely replace the aging heat treatment and other methods of VSR, process simple, stable and reliable, and simply want to deal with where the process is where can at any time, any process on, so you arbitrary, handy.

3. Haoke eliminate residual stress from the workpiece material, shape, structure, plate thickness, weight, site of the restrictions, especially in the field, the welding process and welding repair welding for the elimination of stress is more flexible and convenient.

4. Haoke eliminate stress treatment can also improve the fatigue properties of weld impact of several factors, such as:
 (1) residual stress
 (2) micro-cracks and defects
 (3) weld toe geometry
 (4) surface hardening,
 Which is to improve weld fatigue performance of the most effective way to have a multiplier effect.

5. Hawking can eliminate stress welding equipment in the elimination of seam weld toe stress concentration area, is the most convenient, most effective, and its far more than in the weld toe remelting arc welding (TIG) or grinding of method.

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