Huawin products exported for military production

Recently, Shandong Huayun’s range of products assembled in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, debugging is completed, and formally put into use. According to Huayun sales solutions manager, after a rigorous international tender, Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Huayun and Pakistan have a volume air system supply contracts signed by enterprises. It is reported that not only the province is China’s first dedicated to the export of military equipment to eliminate the production of stress.

The supply contract amount $ 280,000, shows that our proprietary products to eliminate stress successfully into the international market, the contract contains the product of “Hawk can eliminate stress welding system”, “VSR eliminate the stress system” and “Haoke metal surface processing system.” In recent years, as the industry leader, to eliminate residual stress Electric Co., Ltd. Shandong Huayun brand strategy to tap the international market, the introduction and assimilation of Ukraine on the basis of military technology companies focus on improving R & D capabilities, manufacturing technology and product quality improve and establish a high reputation in the market.

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