INNER cutting fluid

INNER cutting fluid
Product performance advantage
The rape oil be used as the base oil
The rape oil is used as the base oil, then product unique squeeze agent, anti-scuff agent, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant through complex process. These unique base preparation made INNER cutting fluid to show excellent lubricity,cleaning, abrasion resistance, extruded resistance, strong energy of load and antiblastic eviroment.

Long life, no smell, not go bad
INNER Synthetic resin type cutting fluid have excellent lubricity, cooling performance, rust resistance, cleaning performance, antiblastic performance, oil performance, floating oil slick pollution and sedimentation of iron. INNER Synthetic resin type cutting fluid will not smell and turn bad even after 1-3years continued usage. The fluid will keep constant unique advandage during processing. So it can reduce the cost, improve the efficiency, solve the problem of industrial waste water, waste liquid discharge and evironment, reduce the labourr intensity, At last, it is greatly reduced the cost of process and dicharge.

Evironmental, Low emissions, maintenance-free
It is based on edible rape oil. So, the synthetic cutting fluid has less polution, good bio-degradation, a low fee of liquid waste disposal. The grease and dirt can swim on the surface of the fluid, iron filings can settle under the fluid, and it also has good persistent bactericidal action. For all these reasons ,the fluid can self-regenerated and the maintenance free. No matter what concentration is, the PH is steady. When use it, you just need to add, no discharge or little discharge. Even when need to discharge, it’s very easy and discharge once every one to three years.
Lubricating property
Under the conditions of light cutting, oiliness agent of the YINGNAER cutting fluid easily format physical adsorption film in the cutting interface, physical adsorption film can reduce friction effect, and improve lubrication performance of the cutting fluid significantly;
Under the conditions of heavy load cutting, the lubricant and the antiwear agent enhance its wear resistance and extrusion resistance coordinately ,in the cutting interface a high strength chemical reaction film which could not be destroyed in the conditions of high temperature ,high pressure and intense friction is formed to play a good extreme pressure lubrication .
At this moment the lubrication is in boundary lubrication ,and it can reduce the friction of rake face and cutting face ,the flank face and the workpiece, and prevent the adsorption of tool and cutting, tool and workpiece ,and also reduce the cutting heat, power consumption and tool wear , To solve the problem of general cutting fluid can not really solve the ordinary cooling and smooth tool . It improve the service life of cutting tools and improve the surface finishing of workpiece .
Rust resistance
For long term multifunction antirust and anticeptic additives and it’s unique corrosion inhibitor, INNER cutting liquid meet the demand of rust resistace and corrosion resistant. In the coastal or south damp region, the workpiece which was processed by cutting liquid rust resistance period can last 8—15 days between process. No need to paint antirust oil.
Sentific ratio and anvanced technology supply good fatigue resistance, high stability and cleaning performance for INNER cutting liquid. Slove the problem of crust, agglomeration, plugging deferent duct and filter in workshop.
Bactericidal action
Efficient long-term bactericidal compound and Inner Cardinal added a unique foundation preparation, make the product at the same time high efficiency, long-lasting kill and inhibit bacteria, mold, use the process without additional fungicide, so that the working fluid continuous use 3 years is not smelly, not go bad, just add a wife according to consumption than the concentration (typically 5-10%) of the working fluid.
Oil slick floating sewage, Shen iron
Ukrainian military technology to make our products with excellent oil slick floating sewage, the effect of Shen iron (powder), so that the working fluid in continuous use oil floating to the surface, iron filings (powder), the sludge sink to the bottom of the tank.As long as spill, Paixie facilities are in place to maintain in place, combined with the working fluid self-regenerating function, so that the cycle working fluid is always clean, clear, does not affect the observation of the process on the workpiece finish, dirt and hard to avoid the cutting fluidThe particles re-contamination and to scratch the surface.
Innerl cutting fluid does not contain organic sulfur, chlorine, phenol and nitrite operating officer of harmful substances, the operation of the workers will not have any adverse stimulus, nor contamination of the operating environment.

Certification:ROHS & REACH

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